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After all this talk about walking, I’m thirsty! Give me two shakes of the tail, I’m going to run to the bathroom for a quick drink.  While mom and dad enjoy their adult timeouts, I’m a clean-living beagle, so it’s just water for me. That’s the idea for my next article, Disney water! It’s a must for any trip to Walt Disney World, it gets hot, or so I hear.

Disney Water prices from Casey Corner Menu

In my world, there are only two types of water, kitchen water or the luxurious bathroom water. My favorite brand is, le toilette. It’s what beagle dreams are made of! However, doing a quick Google search, it looks like you humans have tons of Disney water options. The top result was bottled water, either by Dasani ($3.50 per bottle) or Smartwater ($5.50 per bottle). What no le toilette?! You don’t know what you’re missing! I heard mom and dad telling one of their friends a less expensive way to get bottled water. They said to order it online from InstaCart or Prime Now and have it delivered to the resort. Apparently, you can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks in the parks.  

Toy Story Land Water Fountain - Disney Water

Now if I know my mom and dad, they probably aren’t buying bottled water. They’re always walking around the house with those Nalgene bottles. It’s like they’re camels or something, preparing for a trek through the desert. Just before they left I spied dad putting that bottle into his backpack. It got me thinking, Walt Disney World must have a way for them to fill up at the parks. Aha! The second result of my Google search says there are Disney water fountains around the parks to fill bottles. Looks like they bring those water bottles to the parks and refill them throughout the day.

Beagle Dog Bonus Insight: Yeah, I don’t have an annual pass, so I’m switching it for my articles. I just read that if you go to any of the quick-serve locations at Disney and ask for water they will give you fountain water for free.

Disney Water at Starbucks

The last result Google is showing is around free filtered water. Not 100% sure what filtered water is…but it must be good, it looks like it got tons of likes and comments. Here is what everyone is saying, if you go to any Starbucks location you can ask for water they will give it to you for free and it’s filtered. I think I’ve overheard mom saying that the water from the room is also filtered now so they could fill their bottles before they leave the room.

As always, it’s been fun, but I gotta go. I hear Netflix calling my name, have you seen that show Dogs? I’m sucked in, I’ve been binge-watching since mom and dad left. Hopefully, I can get through it before that dog sitter comes back and puts on that Stranger Things show. One more quick stop at the bathroom for a drink! Hope this helps answer your Disney water questions, if not let me know and I’ll dig in for more info!

Beagle dog out!

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