Quick grab me a snack, I feel a hangry moment brewing! The Disney Dining Plan snack credits are an under appreciated perk. Walt Disney World has really stepped up their snack game over the years, with many of the snacks being “Instagram worthy”. We’re looking at you, Cheshire Cat Tail with your stunning pink and purple drizzle! When you’re on the Disney Dining Plan you receive a variety of different types of credits, and we cover them in the following blog. Today we’re digging into the Disney Dining Plan Snack credits, as they be can use them in many ways!


Dining Dining Plan Snack Logo
Disney Dining Plan Logo


Does this qualify as a Snack?

Outside of someone asking, what time is the 3 o’clock parade? The next most asked question is, does this qualify as a snack? It’s definitely tricky figuring out what does and doesn’t qualify as a Disney Dining Plan snack. Especially, when you’re having a Winnie the Pooh caliber tummy rumble. There are few ways to easily identify qualified snacks when wandering through the parks, resorts, and gift shops. First way is the purple and white logo pictured above. The second way is more a rule of thumb type of thing. The majority of food and non-alcoholic beverages items, both pre-packed and not, that are under $8 qualify as a snack. If it is not labeled with the purple and white logo it is worth checking with a cast member, as it may well qualify as a snack credit.


Disney Dining Plan Snack options at Yacht Club
Yacht Club Grab and Go


Basic Breakfast

Breakfast is one of things that you’re either all about, or lean more towards a light bite. If you’re a light bite type of person, no need to waste a quick serve credit on a full meal, save it for later in the day. Instead use a snack credit to grab a little nibble. Most of the quick service locations at the resorts have an area where you pick up a yogurt, bagel, fruit cup or pastry. If you’re like me and looking for a little more protein look at the side dish options. Usually you’ll see scrambled eggs or something similar which can be used as a snack credit.  


Disney Dining Plan snacks at Epcot festivals
Food and Wine Festival at Epcot


Festival Time – Let’s Eat Around the World  

More likely than not when you go to Epcot there will be a festival in the World Showcase. Our favorite is the Food and Wine Festival in the fall. Now a days, the only non-festival time is the summer (June, July and most of August). Epcot festivals are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys! Spread around the lagoon are different booths with small bites and drinks to try. It’s a foodies dream! Best part is you can use your Disney Dining Plan snack credits on the vast majority of the small bites. This is a DVC Duo favorite! You’ll often find us lunching our way around Epcot snack by snack during the festivals – we love to try them all!


Disney Dining Plan Snack - Dole Whip at Magic Kingdom
Dole Whip!


More Snacks! I Need More Snacks!

Oh no! You used all your snack credits, now what? Insider tip here, if you have extra quick service credits that you don’t think you’ll use, you can convert a quick serve credit into 3 snack credits (you can do this as many times as you like). I know, right? More Dole Whip, please! Walt Disney World does not advertise this as an option. All you have to do is ask any of the cast members when checking out and they will happily convert a quick serve credit into snack credits for you. Please note that if you choose to do this, you will have to use all 3 snacks credit in the same transaction. Choose wisely! (Indiana Jones humor, I may be dating myself)


Disney Dining Plan Snacks - Rice Krispie Treats
Mickey Rice Krispie Treats


Extra Snacks, No Worries!  

Your wrapping up an amazing trip when you hear the cast member tell you that you have “X” number of snacks credits remaining. Oh no! No worries here, no need to go Joey Chestnut on the churros! What we like to do if we have extra Disney Dining Plan snack credits is pick up a few pre-packaged items from the gift shop to take home. Serena’s been know to carry home a rice crispy treat or two! It’s a great way to use up the snack credits, as well as continue the Disney magic at home!

Passholder Insight: You can also grab things like trail mix, nuts, dried fruit, etc. Perfect for when you have that last flight home and will need a snack for work tomorrow! You can even get candy bars and other gourmet packaged chocolate items – can you say stocking stuffers?!


Our biggest and best recommendation for Disney Dining Plan snack credits is to enjoy them!

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