A question commonly asked of the DVC Duo, “what’s your favorite restaurant?” is about to be answered. While that is a question which certainly can be answered differently depending on the category – quick serve, signature, romantic, family, etc.when someone asks us for our “go to” the answer is usually San Angel Inn Restaurante in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion. We have gone every time we have been to Disney together (~10 times now) except for when we tried the other Mexican restaurant and we have never been disappointed.  Let’s grab a margarita and taco bout it!

San Angel Inn dining area
Dining Area for San Angel Inn



Disney themeing at its best. You enter a Mayan temple replica from one of the busiest areas in Epcot and are swept into a nighttime market scene with shops, purveyors, and a charming hacienda where you will be dining. The place is bustling but somehow, once you are led away from the hostess stand to your seat, the crowds and noise seem to fade away. You are left enjoying your dining company under what certainly feels like a perfect night sky in Mexico. The staff are always amazingly friendly considering how crowded this place always is. Bonus, you can enjoy a false lava eruption from the volcano that looms in the background of your picturesque Mayan temple.

San Angel Inn Margaritas


On to the main event. For starters, the house margaritas are good, we prefer ours less sweet so we will usually get a “skinny” prior to dining and grab a beer with the dining plan. The chips and salsa are solid, not memorable, though they come with a mild and spicy sauce, and are hot and fresh.

Appetizers for us are usually tequila based, though we have shared the guacamole, queso fundido, and coctel de carmaron before – all solid versions of what you may expect from those dishes.

San Angel Inn - Carne Asada Tampiquena
Carne Asada Tampiquena

The entrees are where San Angel Inn really shines. My absolute favorite is the mole poblano – deep, rich, thick, toasted cocoa and spice blanketing a juicy grilled chicken with a grilled poblano accompaniment and yummy tortillas to scoop up all that lucious sauce. Seriously, this is the real deal. I have also been crushing on carne asada tampiquena which I enjoyed TWICE on our last trip. Well cooked NY strip steak with an enchilada (say no more) and grilled onions and poblanos. Yum-my! For my chile-heads out there, the chile relleno does not disappoint – light and crispy coating, soft and tender pepper, and ooey gooey cheesy/porky inside with a smoky sauce to sop it all up with. Pass me the Lipitor!

Nate is usually partial to the tacos de costilla de carne which are tender braised beef short ribs and accompaniments wrapped in soft corn tortillas. Or the tacos al pastor – juicy flavorful shaved/grilled pork with charred pineapple and a spicy salsa verde again tucked inside soft corn tortillas. If you are a carnitas fan – look no further than carnitas de puerco which has that crunchy, soft, spiced porky goodness you are craving. If you can’t decide – go for any the combinacion mexicana and get all the highlights on one plate!

San Angel Inn - Flan
Vanilla Flan 


Desserts are basic but well done – vanilla flan for me, light yet dense covered in an irresistible dulche de leche sauce. Nate usually opts for the not-too-sweet chocolate mousse with a hint of Mexican spice and a crunchy nut topper.

Attraction attached to San Angel Inn
Gran Fiesta Tour Attraction 


Now that we’re stuffed like enchiladas, what next?

Here’s the best part, waddle yourself right on over to the best country attraction (yes, this one holds a soft spot in my heart, I think it’s better than Frozen) and board a boat to experience the Three Caballeros as they head off on a Mexican adventure! It’s just enough time to let your food settle a bit so you can head back out to the crowds and get your 10,000 steps in for the day!

Next time you’re planning your Disney trip, if you haven’t given our favorite joint a try, San Angel Inn, please do! We’ll see you over at the boat ride!

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