The sleigh is getting packed, the reindeer are strapping in, it’s that time again! Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! No matter where you are or how you celebrate, we hope you’re having a great holiday season. The holidays at Walt Disney World are our favorite time of year, from walking down main street in the Magic Kingdom to enjoying the holiday stories and festive bands at Epcot, it’s an even more magical time at Disney. For us, the part we enjoy the most are the Disney Resorts decorations. Each of the resorts is decorated in a manner to represent the resort’s overall theme. We had an opportunity to tour the resorts on our last Disney Christmas trip and we have put together our Top 3 Disney Resorts for the Holidays! Grab some eggnog and let’s take a Disney Christmas stroll around the resorts, caroling optional (but encouraged).

The Grand Floridian is one of our top 3 Disney Resorts for the Holidays
Grand Floridian Lobby

The Grand Floridian  

First on the list of our Top 3 Disney Resorts for the Holidays is the Grand Floridian. We are sure this surprised, well, no one really. For the DVC Duo it is a can’t miss during the Disney Christmas season, mainly because of the Gingerbread house and the tree. Did you know the tree has Victorian style decorations that include a birdcage? Yes, you heard us right, a birdcage in the Christmas tree. The coolest part is that it works! #pullingitoff This is the 20th anniversary for the Gingerbread House and the detail that Disney put in this year was unbelievable, from Disney references with Mickey to Santa Claus coming down the chimney, and even icicle lights hanging from the roof.

Passholder Insight: Did you know that Disney does not use frosting to construct the Gingerbread house? Instead, they use chocolate as it holds up better to the Florida humidity.

One of our Top 3 Disney Resorts for the Holidays - The Beach Club
Beach Club Lobby

The Yacht and Beach Club

Second of the list of our Top 3 Disney Resorts for the Holidays is the Yacht and Beach Club. We know, we know, they are two different resorts, but are they? We all say Yacht and Beach Club when talking about they area, and they do share a pool. Just saying. We think the Yacht and Beach Club decorations are a hidden gem within Walt Disney World, both for different reasons. Over in the Yacht Club lobby is the beautiful Christmas scene with trains, ice skaters, and tons of different Disney references. We had to go back thrice to take it all in! In the lobby of Beach Club is where you’ll find the DVC Duo “friendly” holiday competition of searching out Hidden Mickeys. The Hidden Mickeys are scattered around a fully functional carousel made of gingerbread and chocolate. It is always a race to see who will find all the Hidden Mickeys first. If you were a betting person, you may want to look in the direction of shortest member of the DVC Duo.

Passholder Insight: Did you know that every year they add an additional Hidden Mickey? This year there are 19 in total. The coolest part is kids are randomly chosen to pick out where to put the Hidden Mickeys. Let’s just say they definitely make it a challenge!

One our Top 3 Disney Resorts for the Holidays - Wilderness Lodge
Wilderness Lodge Lobby

The Lodges

Last on the list of our Top 3 Disney Resorts for the Holidays are the Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge. We know, that’s cheating! It’s hard to choose just 3, so we got creative.  At the Animal Kingdom Lodge we absolutely love the decorations they put on the tree and all the garland that hangs from the banisters. They are subtle and practically perfect in every way. In the lobby of Wilderness Lodge we think (we’re not 100% certain) you’ll find the largest Christmas tree in any of the resorts. It is nearly impossible to get a picture of the full tree. We love the Wilderness Lodge, as it reminds us of home (New Hampshire). It’s warm and inviting and everything we imagine when thinking of a winter Christmas. All we need is our hot cocoa and we’ll snuggle up by the fireplace (yes, they have a big one!)

Passholder Insight: For a really cool picture at either resort, take the elevator to the highest floor and you can take a picture looking down at the tree!

No matter what resort you stay at during the Disney Christmas season you’ll find well themed decorations. We always try to find time to make our way around the hotels. What works well for us is either planning to visit certain resorts midday for a break or booking a dinner at the resort. Let us know what you favorite Disney resorts are the for the holidays. We hope everyone has a great holiday season!!  

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