Be prepared! The 50th Anniversary preparation continues with Disney announcing another new DVC resort coming to Walt Disney World. The big debate is whether Walt Disney World will see higher theme park attendance when Star Wars Galaxy Edge opens or for the 50th anniversary. Looking at current upgrade timelines, Disney is preparing for the crowds. With tons of Disneyphiles and future Disneyphiles estimated to make the pilgrimage to see Mickey and all the new attractions, Disney will need somewhere for all guests to stay. Let’s dive into the new DVC resorts coming to Walt Disney World.

New DVC Resort - Nature Inspired
Concept Art for Nature Inspired Resort 


On October 19, 2018 Disney confirmed the speculation we mentioned in our River Country article about a new DVC resort coming to the Fort Wilderness Campground. No River Country resurrection unfortunately, whomp whomp! The DVC resort will be designed with a nature-inspired theme. According to Terri Schultz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Vacation Club, “This resort experience will be a celebration of Walt Disney’s lifelong love and respect for nature, with some fun and even surprising accommodation types that families will find irresistible.” The resort is projected to be completed in 2022, towards the end of the 50th celebration and in time for Epcot’s 40th birthday party!

The theme has definitely created a lot of buzz within the Disney community. Mainly due to the concept art Disney released with the announcement. We would have to say we agree, the artwork doesn’t exude nature, more like Hilton Garden Inn. Well, garden is nature, right? There are definitely deliberate choices in building materials which are more natural, from stone to wood but we’re guessing the theme details will come in the room designs. With all concept art we need to take it with a grain of salt as the final product could be completely different.

We were surprised by Disney using this theme at the Fort Wilderness location, as the conservation/nature theme feels like it would fit better near the Animal Kingdom, instead of the Magic Kingdom. We’re excited to see what Disney creates with the nature theme, but our minds wander towards thoughts of wheatgrass shots and coconut water fountains. Stay hydrated! Can you feel the sarcasm? Where’s the coffee and pizza?! Of all the new DVC resorts this will be the one we are most curious to see, and we’re sure Disney will pleasantly surprise us like always!

New DVC Resort - Riviera Resort
Concept Art for Riviera Resort 


Down the road at the Caribbean Beach Resort another new DVC resort, Disney’s Riviera Resort, is well on its way to completion. Estimated to open in the Fall of 2019, the Riviera Resort is themed as the Caribbean Riviera. What we know so far is the resort will have a new Signature restaurant on top that will have views of both the nighttime spectacular at Hollywood Studios and the new show  Illuminations. The resort will also be on the new Disney Skyliner route. Disney might as well sign us up now for more DVC points!

New DVC Resort - Update to Old Port Royale
Concept Art for Old Port Royale 


In preparation for the DVC Resort, Disney has revamped the Old Port Royale (marketplace) at the Caribbean Beach. Additionally, the new sit down restaurant Sebastian’s Bistro just opened. We’ll have a full dining review coming up after our December trip.

Overall, the addition of new DVC resorts are great news for DVC members and resort guests alike. Can you ever have too many options! We think not! Are you excited to stay at the new DVC resorts? Let us know below or in our Facebook Page!

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